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Corn Growing Well

Posted by romeethredge on March 27, 2015

Corn is really growing well, with our warm temperatures and good growing conditions. One grower today told me he doesn’t think he’s ever seen corn pop up growing like it is now. Another said this 3 week old corn looks like it is a week ahead of normal. Some weed controls are being applied and some fertilization going on. Some watering happening, mostly to wet in fertilizer and to activate herbicides.

We are at V3, or Vegetative State 3 at this point with our oldest corn. We have 5 leaves on some corn and there are 3 leaf collars visible on the plants as shown here. We don’t count the leaf until it has a collar like I’m pointing at.

At this point the growing point is still very low, at just below soil level, if planting depth was good.

Several folks are through planting corn at this point.





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