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Weekend Cold

Posted by romeethredge on April 3, 2015

The lows here in Donalsonville last weekend were right at 40 degrees. Some corn turned very yellow for several days and some turned purplish. Growth of snap beans was slowed as well.

Soil temperatures dropped to almost 60 degrees which is still good for corn emergence but too cool for good peanut emergence, for sure. Peanut planting shouldn’t start until mid to late April when we have 4 inch soil temperatures above 68 for 3 days running and no cold weather in the forecast.

 I heard this week that in middle and north Georgia they had frost and some young watermelon and other plants were killed.


We are watering some corn. It seems early, but corn does need a half an inch per week when tiny and it increases to an inch per week when it hits 3 weeks of age and the need keeps increasing. If we ever get behind on irrigation it can be hard to catch up with hot, dry days and  big plants pulling lots of moisture from the soil and this can hurt yields.

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