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Corn Growth Stage

Posted by romeethredge on April 10, 2015

We are looking at the V5  to V6 growth stage for most of our early planted corn this week. We count the leaves when they are fully collared.

At this stage of growth in corn we start to lose the 1st leaves so in order to keep up with the growth stages after this, you can mark a leaf. The very bottom leaf is rounded on the tip so it’s easy to identify.

 I went to several fields this week to mark the 6th leaf.  I put out flags at the row end so I can come back to them perodically during the season.

I marked the 6th leaf by painting a few of them with black spray paint at each location.


This corn above was planted on March 10th so it is 30 days old.  It looks like it has accumulated about 538 Growing Degree Days and by looking at the chart you can see that this is way ahead of the heat we’ve had for the last 2 years but much like 2012. This data is from the Donalsonville Ga, weather station

Fullscreen capture 4102015 52243 PM

You can see here below that the first leaf is dieing, as is common at this growth stage. _DSC1135

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