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Corn Firing up

Posted by romeethredge on April 23, 2015

With a couple of weeks of rain we were delayed in applying fertilizer to corn in many fields. On top of that we had rain leaching our fertilizer we had below the root zone. Also, if soils are saturated, the plant has trouble taking up nutrients it needs.

So now that we have a break I see many systems pumping on fertilizer where possible. Some folks are getting spreaders and liquid applicators in the fields now although there are still some wet spots out there so slipping and sliding is going on. Many folks have used aerial applicators to apply fertilizer quickly to plants that need it.  It is important to get the plants in good shape quickly for good yields.


Here’s some corn with Nitrogen firing, you see the middle of the leaf is yellowing and dieing as the N translocates to new growth.

_DSC1297 _DSC1296

Here’s some corn that needs Potassium(K). Potassium deficiency shows up in the old leaves as well, but the outer edges are yellow and then drying out.

_DSC1408 _DSC1407


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