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Corn Breaking Over

Posted by romeethredge on April 29, 2015

We are seeing several cases of some corn plants breaking over, I’ve looked at a couple of fields and had calls about others where this is happening on a small scale. It’s not happening to large numbers of plants in the fields I’ve seen, just a few plants here and there.

The plants are laying towards the northeast, the direction the recent winds would have blown them and I think that’s what happened. The plants have been growing fast and have had a lot of water and break off quite easily if you kick one, so I think the wind did it. We have had some areas of high winds recently, especially towards the Alabama line.

In the past I’ve seen some of what we call green snap at a later timeframe, just before tasseling but it occurs at this stage (V6) too sometimes, just as the growing point is getting above the ground.

The two most common periods for green (or brittle) snap damage are V5 to V8, when the growing point is just advancing above the soil line, and V12 to R1, or two weeks prior to tasseling until silking.

I checked for insects to make sure, and see none.




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