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Corn Progressing at a Rapid Rate

Posted by romeethredge on May 7, 2015

Here you can see where I painted the 6th leaf a while back and now its way down and we have corn now 6 to 7  feet tall in our oldest fields. In this field planted on March 11th we are now in the V11 stage. That’s about right when looking at the Degree day chart as we have accumulated about a thousand hours. See chart below showing the hours accumulated since this was planted , about 300 more than the last 2 years.

The tassel is now about to my chin when I cut into the stalk, see second photo, so we will be tasseling before too long. Corn is growing fast but it still has a long way to go, it has only accumulated about 10% of the total dry matter. It’s critical to keep it wet now with these dry sunny conditions.


Fullscreen capture 572015 50650 PM

_DSC1651_DSC1753 _DSC1748

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