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Seeing Some Burn on Corn

Posted by romeethredge on May 7, 2015

We are seeing some burn on corn leaves, mostly due to fertilizer applications. In the leaves below you can see the evidence of an application of dry fertilizer that burned the leaves. You can see that the problem occurred at a certain point in time in the past. The leaf my thumb is on was just emerging from the whorl so it just was burned  mostly on the leaf tip. The next leaf down was still in the whorl, not fully unfurled. You can see it was likely half way unfurled and the fertilizer caught in it and burned it some.  Sometimes this can be mistaken for disease or insect problems, but you can see the damage is across the leaf due to the leaf area below that not being out of the whorl yet.

I’ve also seen leaf burn due to herbicide drift this week. We can stand some drift or fertilizer injury on corn when its small without much effect on it but when we get bigger corn we can cause some yield reduction.



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