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Corn Tasseling

Posted by romeethredge on May 13, 2015

Lots of field corn is now tasseling in deep southwest Georgia. Some fields have ears that are silking now, too. All the photos below were taken this week.

Heat units are moving it along and lots of irrigation water is being put on it. Water use is at about 0.30 inch per day at this point. Here’s an excerpt from UGA Grain Scientist, Dewey Lee’s blog post about Corn.

“For those that are irrigating, you have every opportunity to prevent water stress if you have the capacity to meet the water demands.  It is extremely important that nitrogen and water not be limiting particularly as the crop advances towards silking.  The number of potential kernels per row is completed about one week prior to silk emergence. The most common stress at this point is usually from drought or some nitrogen deficiency.”





You can count the rows of kernels on this ear, it had 18, which is very promising as the grower has 32,000 plants per acre.




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