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Wheat Harvest 2015

Posted by romeethredge on May 13, 2015

We have begun wheat harvest in deep south Georgia. Moisture is running about 10% in some fields, depending on the variety as well.  I’ve heard some 60 to 70 bushel estimated yields. Some test weights are low, but some at 60 or so reported. We are seeing shriveled kernels from disease problems, mainly Fusarium head blight.  Look for the pink on them and it’s likely fusarium. This can cause deductions so if you are seeing pink on shriveled kernels then make sure to turn up the fans to blow most of that out.  I have photos of some below.

UGA Grains Scientist, Dewey Lee, has more observations at his Georgia Grain Crops.






Fusarium Head blighted kernels on right side, notice pinkish appearance.


IMG_6394 IMG_6391 (2)

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  1. […] some pictures of the wheat harvest that is beginning in southwest Georgia this morning on his blog (link).  He pointed out that some of the crop has been affected by fusarium head blight, which reduces […]

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