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Peanut Weed Control Update

Posted by romeethredge on June 5, 2015

Peanut weed update by Dr. Eric Prostko, UGA Weed Scientist.

1) Generally, Cadre almost always looks better after an EPOST (i.e. at-crack) application of paraquat + Basagran or Storm and this would be my preferred recommendation in most cases (Figure 1). With that said, there are some exceptions when paraquat + Basagran or Storm may not be justified including the following:

a) Irrigated fields that have been treated with a Prowl or Sonalan + Valor (+/- Strongarm) and these residuals are working well.

b) The only weed present is nutsedge.  

Here’s some nutgrass recently sprayed with Cadre  herbicide.

2) Peanut tolerance to Cadre is excellent at any stage of growth.   Crop injury has never really been an issue with this herbicide. (Weed size is important, however.)

3) You will note from the above figure that the average control of sicklepod with Cadre is 86% (~50 trials).  Thus, 100% control of sicklepod with Cadre is unrealistic but its the best we have.

4) Generally, I have no preference between Dual Magnum or Warrant when used in a complete peanut weed control program.


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