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Corn Shorter ? Pollination?

Posted by romeethredge on June 8, 2015

We have noticed that some corn stalks are shorter than usual this year.

Here are some comments from Dr. Dewey Lee, UGA Grains scientist. “Some corn hybrids are slightly shorter this year than the previous two years. In most cases, it’s simply due to our slightly warmer season and the faster accumulation of growing degree units.  It is most noticeable in 112 to 114 day hybrids as would be expected because they are our shortest season hybrids.” Link to Dewey’s Blog.

If corn has lacked anything; water, nutrients, or has nematodes or other root problems, then it’s shorter still.


Some folks have asked whether or not irrigation or rainfall in the morning interferes with corn pollination.

 Dewey Lee, has this response.  “Yes, peak  pollination generally occurs early morning and late afternoon when the temperatures are generally cooler, however, the silks are very sticky ( you feel the trichomes when you touch the silks) and easily capture pollen.  Once this happens, rain nor irrigation wash pollen off the silks.  

 Anthers on the tassel though will not shed pollen when wet either from rain or irrigation.  Once dried they will shed pollen.  Pollen grains will germinate within a few minutes after adhering to the silk and fertilize the ovule within 24 hours.”

Each silk receives a grain of pollen that goes to one kernel of corn. Before pollination the silks have a strong attachment to the kernels. After pollination they fall away easily. 



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  1. […] days at a rate not seen since 2012, which puts it ahead of the long-term average.  He also noted here that corn stalks seem to be shorter than normal this year and quoted Dr. Dewey Lee from UGA that […]

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