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Corn Getting Closer

Posted by romeethredge on June 9, 2015

Looking at some of our oldest corn yesterday, I saw that it is in the Dough stage or R4. Still a little milky inside the kernels but the lower kernels beginning to dent just a little on some ears. Kernel moisture is about 65% now and will steadily decrease to about 35% at black layer formation.  This corn was planted March 8th, so it’s 93 days old and has accumulated 2008 Growing Degree Units. We accumulate about 30 units per day now and we need to get to 2,800 or so for most hybrids.

So we need about 4 weeks or so to get to full maturity, black layer.  We need healthy leaves and stalk to get there and to have good stalk strength. We need to protect the plant with fungicides if needed. We need to keep it wet as well. Water needs start decreasing slightly from here on, but not much. Stress during this time will result in reduced kernel weight.

Fullscreen capture 692015 92333 AM

IMG_6648-001 IMG_6649


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  1. […] in the Southeast, Rome Ethredge reported in the Seminole Crop E News that the oldest corn is now to R4 stage, and has about a month to go until full maturity.  This […]

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