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Question of the Week – Turtle Tracks

Posted by romeethredge on June 9, 2015

Last week’s photo was of turtle tracks through a field. It looks like she was dragging her belly pretty good. She was likely looking for a place to lay her eggs, according to Bobby Bass of the Jones Center. Someone else said maybe looking for water or a pond. There is a small 1/4 acre pond near there that a lady called me to look at one time and I remember there was a 4 foot long grass carp in there that looked kind of  like the Loch Ness monster .



This week’s question is about plant identification. What is this the seed of?



2 Responses to “Question of the Week – Turtle Tracks”

  1. Miller said

    Looks like Khaki weed Rome.

  2. Ralph Hudgins said

    Bristly Starbur

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