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Posted by romeethredge on June 19, 2015

Peanuts that are older are pegging and some are producing pods.  Here are some Ga 06G’s  that I photographed yesterday that are over 70 days old. They need a lot of moisture now. Most of our peanuts are not this far along but they still need some rain or irrigation to keep them growing.

Here are some comments from Dr. Scott Monfort, UGA Peanut Scientist about our current situation,

“We have a large portion of our peanut acres in the 30 to 45 DAY range with soil moisture diminishing quickly due to the heat. Although peanuts do not typically need a lot of  moisture in the beginning of the season, they do not need to go through a drought stress.

Under the current weather pattern (Extremely Hot and Scattered showers), growers need to apply at least ½ to ¾ inch of water to maintain moisture in the soil profile and to keep the peanut crop moving forward.  We do not need to get behind.   Also we encourage all growers to scout their fields and keep ahead of any weed, insect, and/or disease problems that develop. “





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