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Summer Weather Hazards

Posted by romeethredge on July 2, 2015

 Here is some good National Weather Service information sent out by Melissa Griffin, Florida Assistant state Climatologist. Since we are on the Florida line, it concerns us, too.

Rip Currents

A rip current forms when waves break near the shoreline, and some of the waves break stronger in some locations than others. This causes a circulation of fast-moving water that travels back offshore. Even the most experienced swimmer can get caught in a rip current and be unable to break free. So far in 2015, 15 people have lost their lives from rip currents along Florida beaches. There are signs posted at most beaches of a diagram of what a rip current looks like and what to do if you’re caught in one. In addition, the state of Florida has a beach flag system describes the surf condition based on a color scale.

Lightning Safety

Florida is the lightning capital of the continental United States, with some portions of the state seeing an average of more than 30 strikes per square mile each year. Since May, 3 fatalities from lightning have been reported in the state. The summer months mean increased outdoor activities, so remember, “When It Roars, Go Indoors.”

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