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Corn Harvest

Posted by romeethredge on July 15, 2015

Corn Harvest is going on this week in several fields.  Rain has slowed harvest in some areas, but its needed on other crops.  I’m surprised the moisture is so low for this time of year, 25 to 23%, I even heard a 21% grain moisture.  Grain quality looks very good. Yields are good. I’ve heard of 258 to 274 to 280 yields over large areas of 3 different fields.  We are seeing some corn falling in areas due to weather so we need to get it out as we can.

 Some soybeans have been planted already behind  corn harvest, as soon as the combine gets out of the way. That’s good as these will have more time to grow and produce beans. I’ve had some questions about if soybeans planted like this, when peanuts are in the rotation, if it hurts peanut yields in the future. We’ve not really seen that happen. Growers are aware that soybeans could cause problems in a peanut rotation and are careful to use good soilborne disease chemistry  on the peanuts and also to use nematicides if needed. Some of the best , high yielding peanut growers we have also grow some ultra late soybeans after corn.

_DSC2874 _DSC2868 _DSC2865 _DSC2863 _DSC2854

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