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Ultra Late Soybeans after Corn Harvest

Posted by romeethredge on July 16, 2015

Ultra late soybeans after corn are being planted now and getting them in early will help yields.  Here are some links to past information I’ve posted about this subject.

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Corn Harvest

Ultra late Soybeans

30 inch Ultra Late Soybeans

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Soybean Irrigation

Ultra Late Soybeans Attractive to Caterpillars

Ultra Late Soybeans – Water Critical

Ultra Late Soybeans after Corn

Here’s some good information from UGA Soybean and Cotton Scientist, Dr. Jared Whittaker, concerning Ultra Late soybeans. Some of these charts represent only one year of data and so we know we could get different results if averaged over several years however it’s still good information and these results follow what we’ve experienced.

It’s important to know that in some years we don’t get these yields. Weather affects this a lot.


Fullscreen capture 7162015 110305 AM

Fullscreen capture 7162015 110124 AM Fullscreen capture 7162015 110146 AM Fullscreen capture 7162015 110155 AM Fullscreen capture 7162015 110220 AM Fullscreen capture 7162015 110239 AM Fullscreen capture 7162015 110252 AM Fullscreen capture 7162015 110111 AM




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