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Hydrilla Town Hall Meeting – Tuesday

Posted by romeethredge on August 13, 2015

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Here are some hydrilla recommendations for lakes from UGA Extension’s Gary Burtle.

“Granular formulations would work.

Granular Hydrothol would burn it back but have no lasting control.  Use this or diquat in association with grass carp stocking in small ponds.

Granular Sonar may provide longer term control because of slow release of fluridone.


Another burn back treatment is to apply a ratio of 2 gallons of Diquat and 2 to 3.3 gallons of Cutrine plus on a per surface-acre basis, so ¼ acre around a dock would take about ½ gallon of Diquat and ½ to ¾ gallon Cutrine plus.  Again, this treatment is more effective than Diquat by itself.


Granular Clearcast 2.7 G is effective at 80 pounds per surface acre in water that averages 4 ft deep.  So around a dock I would use 20 pounds in about ¼ acre area.

Clearcast 2.7G is quickly absorbed by foliage and/or plant roots and rapidly translocated to the growing points stopping growth. Susceptible plants may develop a yellow appearance or general discoloration and will eventually die or be severely growth inhibited.

Clearcast 2.7G is herbicidally active on many submerged, emergent and floating broadleaf and monocot aquatic plants. (BUT MAY TAKE SEVERAL WEEKS TO SEE THE EFFECTS)”


Remember to follow  regulations for your water body and all label requirements.


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