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Peanut Yield Winners – 2015

Posted by romeethredge on August 24, 2015

We recently went to Jekyll Island for the annual Peanut Achievement Club awards and we were fortunate to have 2 winners from Seminole County.  Our growers do a great job growing high quality peanuts that go all over the world.  Most of them go to be made into peanut butter, but they also go into all kinds of good snacks that are good for you.

Eddie Miller had our district’s highest yield for 300 and higher acres and he also won the State award for highest yield for farms having more than 300 acres of peanuts. He and his family grew 7,135 pounds of peanuts per acre on 620 acres. They do a great job growing peanuts and other crops.

Mims Farms were also winners in our district with the highest yield in the high acreage category,(700+ acres).  Greg Mims came to represent the family.

They did a great job growing 6,628 pounds of peanuts on 890 acres and some of those were dryland.

Here’s a link to a story about the full contest results.

Myself, Dr. Scott Montfort, UGA Peanut Scientist, and Eddie Miller, Jr.

Rome pic 2-001

Greg Mims receives the award on behalf of Mims Farms. Rome pic (2)-001

The 2014-2015 Georgia Peanut Achievement Club winners are as follows:

• Highest overall yield in the state, 100-299 acres

Wesley Webb, Calhoun County

7,337 pounds per acre on 136 acres

• Highest overall yield in the state, 300 or more acres

Eddie Miller, Seminole County

7,135 pounds on 620 acres

• District I, 300-699 acres

Al Sudderth, Calhoun County/p>

6,610 pounds per acre on 488 acres

• District I, 700 or more acres

Jimmy Webb, Calhoun County

6,728 pounds on 897 acres

• District II, 300-699 acres

Rick LaGuardia, Miller County

6,646 pounds per acre on 377 acres

• District II, 700 or more acres

Greg Mims, Seminole County

6,628 pounds per acre on 890 acres

• District III, 300-699 acres

Hulin Reeves Jr., Ben Hill County

6,328 pounds per acre on 487 acres

• District III, 700 or more acres

Ken Hall Farms, Inc., Worth County

4,905 pounds per acre on 1,082 acres

• District IV, 300-699 acres

Chip Dorminy, Irwin County

5,874 pounds per acre on 436 acres

• District IV, 700 or more acres

Wayne Sayer, Irwin County

4,926 pounds per acre on 1,129 acres

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