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Morningloy control in Peanut

Posted by romeethredge on August 28, 2015

We’ve been getting many questions lately about late-season morningglory control in peanut.  In most cases, it is too late in the year to apply herbicides.  Pre-harvest intervals (PHI) of peanut herbicides with POST activity on annual morningglory are as follows: Cadre = 90 days; Cobra = 45 days; Ultra Blazer = 75 days; 2,4-DB = 30-45 days.

 In Dr. Eric Prostko’s, UGA Weed Scientist, opinion, the best thing a grower can do for annual morningglory this late in the season is to apply a pre-harvest application of either Aim or ET (i.e. 7 days before digging).  Both herbicides will provide sufficient dessication of annual morningglory plants (except smallflower) to improve peanut vine flow through a digger with minimal effect on the peanuts . It is very important that the peanuts be dug in 7 days after treatment (or as soon as possible after that time).  If digging is delayed, the morningglory vines could start to recover/regrow especially after a rainfall event.  Specific recommendations for these herbicides can be found on page 502 of the 2015 UGA Pest Control Handbook.

Figure 1.  Annual morningglory response to Aim (5 DAT).

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