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Question of the Week – Pokeweed

Posted by romeethredge on August 28, 2015

Last week I had a photo of Pokeweed aka pokeberry, poke salad. It has some poisonous properties , oxalic acid and phytolaccotoxin , the root being the most toxic. It can cause gastro problems in cattle.Fullscreen capture 8282015 72836 AM

The song is Poke Salad Annie, sung by Tony Joe White,”Poke salad Annie, Gator got your Grannie…. ” Apparently Annie had to eat a lot of Poke salad she was so poor.

If cooked it’s important to pour off the water the leaves are cooked in. I talked to a farmer who had eaten some and he said you must eat only the very young leaves or it will be very bitter and contain poisonous properties.


Here’s a video by UGA Scientist Dennis Hancock, concerning thias and other plants poisonous to livestock.

The fruit is actually an important wildlife food., consumed by many birds, deer, foxes. Doves like the seeds in winter.

This week’s question is about this pond weed that I was recently asked about, and I took this photo at the pond. What is it?IMG_8184


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