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Question of the Week – Springtails

Posted by romeethredge on September 11, 2015

Last week I had a photo of a tiny insect that I’ve been asked to identify. It’s a Springtail or rather thousands of them. They usually appear in big numbers. They use their “tail” to jump around like a flea and up north are called Snow fleas. They belong to the scientific animal order Collembolla.

They are 1 mm( one 25th of an inch) long but can jump up to 4 inches high. They don’t bite or transmit disease but are aggravating in homes. Usually there is a moisture problem if you see them inside. They feed on old leaves and love moisture. Univ. of Florida has some good information about them.



This week I have a peanut question. What caused this symptom on the leaves of this peanut plant?




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