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Posted by romeethredge on September 11, 2015

Here is Greg Mims with some full season soybeans that are looking good. They are irrigated and have been well cared for. Caterpillars had to be controlled and a protective fungicide and foliar Boron have been applied.  Now we will watch for any problems but mainly for stink bugs and other pod feeders. They are in a critical stage for water as well. Fullscreen capture 922015 114915 AM





These soybeans are in the R5 (begining seed) stage , they will soon be at the Full pod or R6 growth stage. Flowering and therefore podding occurs first at the bottom of the plant and moves upwards. For purposes of naming the current growth stage, we only look at the 4 top nodes of the plant through stage 6 so we all stay on the same page.

_DSC3621 _DSC3619

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