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Stressed Peanuts

Posted by romeethredge on September 25, 2015

When maturity testing peanuts, usually the scraped, interior hull color changes first in the saddle area, on top of the pod and then darkens with time, evenly around the pod. It usually does this evenly cream color to orangish to brown to black.   I and others have noticed over the years that we can get a very uneven change or mottling in some cases.  This is usually where the peanuts were perhaps growing well and had a sudden stress. Often I have asked farmers about it and if we see it they will often say something like, “Yes we had a problem with the irrigation system and couldn’t provide water to them when they really needed it”.

This year I’m seeing it in many more fields and growers aren’t reporting problems in many of the fields. This may be a clue to why we are seeing somewhat reduced yields in many fields so far this year.  Growers are reporting that yields are good but not as good as we have often seen in recent years.

We did have very high temperatures that may have stressed peanuts more than we realized.


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