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Georgia-14N Peanuts

Posted by romeethredge on October 1, 2015

This is a recently released peanut that is resistant to Peanut rootknot nematode. We visited the field that is about ready to be picked. It looked ok to me. It’s hard to tell what the yield will turn out to be but I did not see any signs of nematode feeding or damage, and this field is notorious for nematodes. The grower used NOTHING in terms of chemicals for nematode control this year, here in this field.

Of course the grower will anxiously wait to see how they yield and grade. Here’s Decatur County Ag Agent Kyle Brown checking them out.


Here’s a description by the plant breeder, UGA’s Dr. Bill Branch. “GEORGIA-14N” is a new high-yielding, high-oleic, TSWV-resistant, RKN-resistant, smallseeded, runner-type peanut variety that was released by the Georgia Agricultural Experiment Station in 2014. It was developed at the University of Georgia, Coastal Plain Experiment Station, Tifton, GA. During three-years averaged over multiple location tests in Georgia, Georgia-14N had significantly less TSWV and total disease incidence, higher yield, grade, and dollar value return per acre compared to Tifguard. Georgia-14N was also found to have a smaller runner seed size as compared to the larger runner-type check cultivar, Tifguard. Georgia-14N combines high-yield, TSWV-resistance and RKN-resistance with smaller seed size and the high-oleic trait for longer shelf-life and improved oil quality of peanut and peanut products.”

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