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South Carolina

Posted by romeethredge on October 7, 2015

We feel for the folks in South Carolina with the terrible conditions they’ve had. Former Decatur county agent Justin Ballew is working in the northern part of the state now and he reports in a blog post concerning how the weather affected them.  Click below to go to his complete post.

1,000 Year Flood Affect on Pee Dee Crops

“While most of the Pee Dee was spared the flooding that crippled parts of the midlands and coastal regions, the effects were still felt.  Monday marked the 12th straight day of rain in the region.  After some light showers early this morning (Monday), the rain is moving on and sunny skies are forecast to follow.  The last 2 weeks of rainy, cloudy weather has been rough on our crops.  There are some flooded fields around, but the worst part about the rain is it has held up harvest.”

Here’s some grain sorghum that has sprouted.



UGA’s Pam Knox, has a good post concerning South Carolina’s problems as well. Here’s an excerpt.

” Clemson Extension agent Charles W. Davis Jr. said that coming on the heels of a summer cursed with dry heat, the flooding “is kind of adding insult to injury.”  While it’s too early to assign a dollar estimate to agricultural damage statewide, Davis described it as a “huge financial blow.”  You can read the full article at

KFVS out of Greenville SC reported that rafts of fire ants have been reported floating in flood waters.  The ants link themselves into giant rafts to protect eggs until the water recedes and they can create a new colony.  You can see a video at”

Fullscreen capture 9282015 44019 PM


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