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Weather TV Story

Posted by romeethredge on October 9, 2015

Channel 4, WTVY came over to do a story about the weather affects on peanuts and cotton. Reporter Lauren Linahan did a good job on it.

Click on this link not on the photo.

Gloomy Weather Hurting Fall Harvest

Fullscreen capture 1092015 115331 AM


Here’s the transcript if you aren’t able to watch the video.

“A moisture train out of the Atlantic produced Hurricane Joaquin and historic flooding through the Carolinas. But for the Wiregrass, clouds alone have spiked the concern of area farmer, who have one thing on their mind: the fall harvest.

“I’ll tell you, it’s been over a week,” says Seminole County extension agent, Rome Ethredge, referring to the last time farmers were working in the fields. “It’s been rainy, dreary weather… it’s been tough.”

Soggy conditions brought the fall harvest to a halt last Monday, when an unsettled weather pattern of heavy rains and overcast skies took dominated the Wiregrass, leaving local peanut and cotton farmers a little gloomy.

Though no farmer can say “no” to a little water, excessive moisture over the past week is already hurting crops and preventing farmers from moving forward with the harvest.

“In the cotton fields, we’re seeing some hard lock because the moisture getting on the young bolls that are cracking open, and they’re not opening correctly, and also seeing the rotting of the bolls,” says Ethredge. “And then this past week some of the fields have been defoliated. So the leaves are off, and then that puts them at a disadvantage to weather.”

Some peanut crops have already been dug, but have been sitting out in the fields for over a week, waiting to be picked– risking both yield quantity and quality.

With September wrapping up with a surplus of rain, farmers are banking on a change in the weather pattern in the month ahead.

“Farmers really need some dry weather,” says Ethredge. “You know normally October is one of our driest months, so we’re very hopeful that we’re going to get sunshine and dry weather, so peanut digging, peanut picking, and cotton picking can go on.””


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