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Notchaway Dam

Posted by romeethredge on October 16, 2015

I have had several folks ask about the dam on Notchaway creek that I posted about earlier and so I’ve included more photos.

Someone said they don’t think it was used long for power generation, it cracked or something. Does anyone know when it was built or have other information?

I also was given an aerial photo taken by cropduster, Scott Tennant.


Here’s what must have been the power generating area.


FullSizeRender3 FullSizeRender2

These photos below are from the north or upstream side of the dam.

_DSC3131 _DSC3130

Power generating area. _DSC3126 _DSC3121 _DSC3120 _DSC3118


This was beside the dam. Maybe old bags of cement?



Here are some comments sent to me by Mr. Bob McLendon. “The Baker County Power Company was organized in 1920 to build a hydro-electric plant on Notchaway Creek at a cost of $500,000.00.  Many people in Baker County invested in this but I don’t know where all the money came from.  The plant became operational in 1923 and supplied electricity to Newton, Camilla, Moultrie, and Sale City.  They build power lines to supply these cities.  The dam collapsed or needed repair in 1927 and the Hartaway Company from Columbus did the repair work for $370,000.00 and new transportation lines were built to Leary, Morgan, Edison and maybe Colquitt while the dam was being repaired.  I am not sure but I think the dam collapsed again in 1930 and it was determined the foundation of soft limestone would not support a dam.  The company sold the transportation lines to Georgia Power Company.

I got this information from a book on the history of Baker County.  I moved to Leary in 1969 and someone carried me to the dam.  Have not seen it since then.”

Roebie Burris also sent me a link to a great blog by Jessica McDaniel that has more photos and information. Here’s a link.:

4 Responses to “Notchaway Dam”

  1. J. Arnold said

    I believe the dam was built in the 1920s or early 1930s by the Baker County Power Company, well before the REA. The porous limestone bedrock the dam was built on was unable to support the weight and cracked. Water started flowing under the dam, and the whole thing failed. Not sure if power was ever actually generated there or not.

    The Baker Co history book has a pretty good section on the dam and the power company.

  2. Tom W. Smith said

    Rome…how deep is it at deepest point?

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