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Soybeans Near Harvest

Posted by romeethredge on October 16, 2015

Some full season soybeans are dropping leaves fast and will soon be ready for harvest. These soybeans were irrigated, protected from insects and disease, but we are concerned with how the high heat this summer may have affected yields.

Miller county Agent Brock Ward and I were glad to have our District Extension Director, Mike Stewart, here yesterday to visit with us.

It was good to get our boss out in the fields. It’s good to have a supervisor who is interested in the daily goings on of our work.


Soybeans should be harvested promptly when they are mature to reduce field losses and lessen chances of damage from bad weather. However, at this stage soybeans contain too much moisture for safe storage. With adequate drying methods, soybeans can be harvested at a moisture content as high as 20 percent. However, when drying from 20 percent to a safe moisture content, a large amount of water must be removed increasing the cost of the drying operation. High moisture grain loses this moisture rapidly in the field; thus, for maximum returns soybeans should be harvested when they have reached approximately 14 to 16 percent moisture content. The percent weight reduction when drying grain and soybeans can be easily estimated (see following).

Fullscreen capture 10162015 95156 AM

For example, soybeans with an original moisture content of 16 percent dried to a final moisture content of 11 percent lose approximately 5.6 percent from the original weight. On 1,000 pounds of soybeans (original weight), the loss would be 56 pounds and the final dried weight, 944 pounds. The recommended maximum moisture content for one year of safe storage of soybeans in Georgia is 11 percent in north Georgia and 10 percent below the fall line. Note that this is the maximum moisture content to be found anywhere in the storage bin and is not the average for all the beans in the bin.


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