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Nematodes in Peanuts and Thanks to WTVY

Posted by romeethredge on October 21, 2015

It’s a good time to evaluate peanut fields here at harvest. Just after we dig our peanuts is a good time to evaluate our nematode control. Sometimes we see that we have peanut rootknot nematode problems in a field that we didn’t have a problem in before. It is important to note this so that the next time we have peanuts or a susceptible crop in the field then we can take action to prevent yield loss due to this pest.

I recently recorded a TV spot where I talk about peanut nematodes.

Since this was my last scheduled appearance on the “Focus on Ag” segment on WTVY 4 in Dothan , I thank them for doing a good job covering Ag stories and promoting Ag awareness. I’ve been talking about Agriculture on WTVY for over 20 years starting with Gene Ragan on his farm show.

Click on this link below to see the video.“>Click here to see the video.



Fullscreen capture 10212015 103210 AM

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