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Cold Weather and Peanuts

Posted by romeethredge on October 23, 2015

When we have 3 or more days with low temperatures in the lower 40’s  the peanut maturation process will shut down. When this happens and you have fields left to be harvested you can be making plans to begin harvest as soon as the colder mornings pass.


Here’s Alex Johnson with some real good peanuts recently harvested near Reynoldsville.


DO NOT DIG the day before a morning in which the low temperature is low enough that there is a risk of frost or freezing. Keep in mind, the recorded low temperature is measured at 5 feet above ground by the NWS. Cold air sinks, which means it could be a few degrees colder in low lying areas of fields.

Frost or freezing temperatures on freshly dug peanuts can cause freeze damage to the kernels, which in turn, can be graded as Seg 2 peanuts. Seg 2 peanuts are greatly devalued when graded. If a field is dug on an afternoon and we approach the middle 30’s in temperature the next morning, freeze damage can occur. When dug, peanuts have 40% or greater moisture. Two or three days in the dug windrow allows the moisture content to drop enough so that the seed separates from against the inside of the hull. This separation will alleviate the risk of freeze damage. High moisture content with a seed still in contact with the inside of the hull increases the risk of freeze damage.




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