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Cotton Boll/Consumer Judging

Posted by romeethredge on October 27, 2015

I was fortunate today to be asked to give a talk concerning Cotton growth and development and what happens to cotton when it leaves the field to a group of our Seminole County 4-H’ers. We talked about how the cotton grows in the field and produces bolls with lint that goes to the gin and then later is made into comfortable clothes.

They are the Cotton Boll/Consumer judging team that will travel to a district contest in a few weeks to show what they know and give presentations concerning cotton. I listened to several of their talks today about cotton.  BethAnn Smith did her 30 second talk and she thanked the farmers for growing cotton. There’s even a photo of her and her favorite cotton farmer, Mallory Miller aka Mr. Mud on her poster below.  I think she’ll do well at the contest and more importantly she and the other kids will learn more about cotton and the importance of agriculture and other consumer topics.


4-H Agent, Cindy and program assistant, Heather are doing a good job teaching them again this year. IMG_9204

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