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Question of the Week – Pileated Woodpecker

Posted by romeethredge on November 13, 2015

The answer to last week’s question is the Pileated Woodpecker, a very impressive bird. That was a female. The male has an extra stripe of red.   The Cornell Lab of Ornithology has a good article about these and good info about other birds. Pileated Woodpeckers rely on large, standing dead trees and fallen logs.

Woodpeckers are some of the most amazing of God’s creations, the way they are built to stay in trees their whole lives and the way their tongue is specialized in order to seek out insects. Also, the special way their brain is cushioned to take the jarring from the hard hammering pecking they do to trees.  A well thought-out design from the great Designer.



Fullscreen capture 1192015 14322 PM


This week I have a photo I took a couple of weeks ago down on the coast where there were a good many of these. What are they and why did we see lots of them?

IMG_9333 IMG_9336


2 Responses to “Question of the Week – Pileated Woodpecker”

  1. Crystal Milner said

    Monarch Butterfly (Danaus plexippus)
    due to Eastern American migration to Mexico
    We enjoy watching these beautiful butterflies every year at the Monarch Festival at St. Marks NWR, Fl. (4th Saturday of October).

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