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Wet Weather Not much good At Harvest time

Posted by romeethredge on November 13, 2015

WTVY, Channel 4 reporter Lauren Linahan, came over to interview Brad Thompson and I about wet weather affect on crops and it was a sad story at the beginning of the week. Things are looking better now. Click here for a link to the news story.

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Here’s a transcript of the news story.

A wet November has brought problems not just to the National Peanut Festival, but local agriculture as well.

And when you bet against weather, fall harvest is guaranteed to be a gamble.

“It was fairly dry this year, and so things were going good,” says Rome Ethredge, Seminole County extension agent. “Then November hit, and the first few days of November we’ve had 5,6,7… up to 10 or more inches in the area. And it’s been bad for harvest.”

“It’s been a tough year because commodity prices  are low,” explained Ethredge. “And now with rainfall impacting harvest, that’s another thing that’s going to hurt.”

Prices have not been this low in a decade, so ensuring crop quality and quantity is critical.

Though most of the peanut crop has already been harvested, the cotton crop is still vulnerable.

“Cotton is soggy. We’re seeing some of it falling out on the ground, it’s stringing out, and the burrs may be rotting,” Ethredge describes.

Despite the dismal look to the fields, farmers have not lost all hope for better weather before harvest wraps up at the end of the month.

“The good Lord, he’s gonna come out, and he’s gonna help us,” says Brad Thompson, a farmer of Donalsonville. “We’re going to have the sunshine, get everything taken care of, and out like we need to.”


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