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Some Small Grains Look Bad

Posted by romeethredge on December 1, 2015

Small grains don’t look so good now, although we’ve had warm temperatures for growth, other things have gone wrong.

The rainy, cloudy weather of the first 2 weeks of November hurt us. Fertilizer was leached  deep and the saturated conditions caused low soil oxygen and likely some root loss with small grains.  Also, the cold snap last week kind of shocked fields, especially oats. We are seeing a lot of tip burn due to the cold and drying winds perhaps in many fields.The warmer weather is allowing aphids to be more of a problem in grazing fields, so there are more aphids which leads to more Barley Yellow Dwarf disease (BYD) as they transmit it. I am also seeing some crown rust in oats.

Problems like compaction become apparent when we have the other plant stresses.

Some fields need a little additional nitrogen and sulfur to get them going and some need treating for aphids.

IMG_9647 IMG_9648 IMG_9651


Here’s some oats with rust developing.



2 Responses to “Some Small Grains Look Bad”

  1. E Lanier Jordan said

    From: Lanier Jordan
    To: Rome Ethredge


    Excellent Newsletter (Blog Post).


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