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4-H Awards Program

Posted by romeethredge on December 11, 2015

Glad to see so many kids honored at our recent 4-H awards program. These folks worked hard this past year with their projects and judging events. I was honored to receive the Friend of 4-H award this year. I have enjoyed working with 4-Hers professionally for 27 years. I love it when they learn information that will affect them lifelong.

Our judging events teach them to make good decisions, good choices. Isn’t that a lot of what life is about ….a series of choices.  We teach them how to choose the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th best Chicken and the process is the same….carefully consider many things in making decisions, all decisions.

Public speaking is taught in Project Achievement. I remember well giving my first demonstration about Pigs at 10 years old. Being able to speak in public is something that helps everyone in all walks of life.

Livestock projects teach about animals and caring for them but much more. It’s often a real family project. I’ve seen whole families getting animals ready to exhibit and tucking in kid’s show shirts. But most of the work goes on at home, feeding and working with the livestock, together.


Shooting sports ,Project S.A.F.E. (Shooting Awareness Fun and Education) has been a good project to work with and I’m thankful for the gift from our Shotgun team and coaches.

Talk about a project where there is something taught that affects lives. Gun safety and how to properly shoot a gun is a lifelong important skill.


4-H is a great organization and I thank 4-H agent, Cindy Meadows, for making our Seminole county program so strong and effective for many years.




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