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Australian Report – Peanut Planting Time

Posted by romeethredge on December 14, 2015

Our weather is warmer than normal but we aren’t planting peanuts like they are in Australia, although it feels like we could.

I have an Australian fellow agronomist friend, Neil Halpin, who does research concerning peanuts and other crops. It’s funny that emails from there are often dated tomorrow’s date. Even right now it’s 9:19 in the morning here on Dec 14th, in his town of Bundaberg it’s already tomorrow, 12:19 am, Dec 15th.

He visited us here several years ago. He was kind enough to send us this report concerning what’s happening there at planting time down under.


“The Coastal Burnett cropping area is located around the towns of Bundaberg, Childers and Maryborough in Queensland Australia. The cropping is dominated by sugarcane. We have around 47,450ha (117,201 acres) of sugarcane. We also have about 5,800 ha of macadamia trees and about 1,000 ha of avocado trees as well in the region. Due to our sub-tropical climate we can grow a wide range of horticultural crops like tomatoes, capsicums and sweet potatoes to name a few.

Peanuts and soybeans are an excellent rotation crop for sugarcane. We have at least 80% of our peanut crop planted. Our area planted to peanuts is down to around 1,000ha this season. The reduced planting is a result of a poor season last year where grades and therefore prices were very poor. Pictured below is a recently emerged crop, however some other crops in the district are 10 weeks old.


We are expecting to have at least 2,000 ha sown to soybean this season. Some have been planted but many growers are waiting on some rain that is predicted in the next few days. Now is the ideal planting window for soybean so I hope we get lucky with the rain. Below are some growers inspecting the planting depth of their soybean seed.


Our average rainfall is around 1,100mm or 44 inches. Whilst the rainfall is summer dominant many of our soils have low water holding capacity so irrigation is essential. More attention to detail is generally paid to the peanut crop as it is a higher input crop. Due to the lower value of soybeans, growers tend to irrigate soybeans a little less frequently than peanut crops in our district. As a rough rule of thumb it costs us $200/ML to irrigate crops. Typically we would use 4ML/ha of irrigation on our peanut crops. A ML = 100mm (4 inches) on a hectare (2.47 acres).

Anyway we are hoping for a good legume cropping season as sugar prices are pretty low for our growers.”


Here is where Neil is located.

Fullscreen capture 12142015 91252 AM Fullscreen capture 12142015 91329 AM

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