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County Agent

Posted by romeethredge on December 31, 2015

As I finish up my career as a County Agent, I’m thinking about the fact that I have been very blessed and fortunate to have the support of a lot of good folks that made my career successful in UGA Extension.  I’d like to thank, first of all, God almighty, for providing a way for us to get the knowledge and wisdom so that we can do our jobs well and serve our fellow man. “Love God, then love others, what else really matters?” If whatever we do, we do as unto the Lord, not for the man or for the money, things will go a lot smoother and we’ll be more content.

My parents instilled good values in me and a love for agriculture and nature and were a great example of service as missionaries in Africa. I’m thankful for my wife Suzanne and children Haley and Jesse who have been a big part of my County agent career by participating in 4-H.

I’m very thankful to Cindy Meadows, Seminole 4-H agent, who is the best 4-H agent ever, and has allowed our office to be effective at reaching and educating a lot of children. Heather and Judy do a great job as well. They all keep the goals in mind, serving and educating. Thanks to these ladies for planning my retirement reception that had close to 100 in attendance and thanks to those who had a kind word or card or monetary gift for me.

We are thankful for the close relationships we have with our schools and Vocational Ag as we work together to make the best better.

The Seminole County Board of Commissioners and Administrator Paula Granger have been very supportive of Seminole Extension. Due to their hard work and foresightedness we should have my replacement in very quickly compared to what has been happening in surrounding counties.

Our bosses at UGA have been pretty good at keeping our programs funded and at letting grassroots needs dictate what we do. Our UGA specialists in Tifton, Athens, Statesboro and Griffin do a great job keeping us as agents updated as we answer questions on everything from Apples to Zinnias or Armadillos to bug Zappers. Also fellow county agents across the state are very important to each other and I thank all of you.

We are greatly blessed here in Seminole county with good farmland and the wonderful underground water source that we can irrigate from so that we can produce consistent, high quality ag products. But the greatest thing we have going for Seminole county agriculture is the people involved. We have great farmers that do a good job everyday in the fields. We also have great ag industry here in LMC and our abundance of fertilizer, chemical and equipment dealers. We have good crop consultants and scouts here that help farmers make wise decisions. We have a sort of vertical integration in that we have a mostly farmer owned, Cloverleaf Gin and other nearby locally owned gins, and strong peanut industry including several buyers and one that is totally farmer owned, American Peanut Growers Group.


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