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Retirement – What’s next?

Posted by romeethredge on December 31, 2015

Retirement Time

I have been working for the University of Georgia including  part time during college and graduate work … for 34 years. I have loved every minute of it…well, just about every minute, that pig running me into the electric fence wasn’t fun.

After my masters graduate research work in Agronomy, I worked a year in the College of Ag at UGA and then I’ve been a county agent for 27 years. Five years in Decatur county and 22 here in Seminole county.  I have loved it but it’s time for me to retire on Jan 1, 2016.

Folks have asked what I’ll do now, maybe sit in the rocking chair on the front porch?

* I will continue working in agriculture here as a Crop Consultant for a few clients, concentrating on peanuts and corn.

*I will continue as a Bank Director for Commercial State Bank, here in Donalsonville and Blakely.

*I’m interested in Soil Moisture monitoring so I’ll work with Rad Yager and Brad Mitchell at Certified Ag Resources.

*I plan to do some freelance writing. I may do a little blogging. I might try to keep up the Question of the week.

*I plan to continue to serve God in my daily life and as a Sunday School Teacher and Deacon at First Baptist of Donalsonville.

*I plan to do more camping, boating and fishing, enjoying my family and God’s creation!!!

Please contact me about any of the above by emailing me at

IMG_8376 IMG_9468



5 Responses to “Retirement – What’s next?”

  1. Jennifer Whittaker said

    Enjoy your retirement Rome! It’s well earned!

  2. Congratulations Rome! Thanks for all you have done in supporting farmers in SW Georgia. And thanks for providing newsletter articles for me over the last few years. Good luck & best wishes!

  3. Jimmy Webb said

    Always needed to read your updates because when you had a outbreak down there it would be a week later and it would be in my county. Thanks for your service to the Ag community and I look forward to following you and your onsite on Twitter

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