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Question of the Week – Spring Creek Dam

Posted by romeethredge on January 7, 2016

Last week I had a photo of parts of the old Spring creek dam in southern Seminole county. At this point the creek is already backed up as part of Lake Seminole. The dam is gone but the old powerhouse still exists and here below are several more photos.


Here’s one old photo I could find from 1938 Fishing below the powerhouse. If anyone has photos please let me know.

Fullscreen capture 172016 80848 AM

Here’s the same spot today.



 _DSC4104 _DSC4105 _DSC4111 _DSC4114 _DSC4115

This week I have a plant identification question for you. What is this shrub that is blooming now and smells good?



One Response to “Question of the Week – Spring Creek Dam”

  1. Franiw said

    Tea Olive. I believe the correct botanical name is Osmantuhus fragrans.

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