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Nematodes in Peanuts and Thanks to WTVY

Posted by romeethredge on October 21, 2015

It’s a good time to evaluate peanut fields here at harvest. Just after we dig our peanuts is a good time to evaluate our nematode control. Sometimes we see that we have peanut rootknot nematode problems in a field that we didn’t have a problem in before. It is important to note this so that the next time we have peanuts or a susceptible crop in the field then we can take action to prevent yield loss due to this pest.

I recently recorded a TV spot where I talk about peanut nematodes.

Since this was my last scheduled appearance on the “Focus on Ag” segment on WTVY 4 in Dothan , I thank them for doing a good job covering Ag stories and promoting Ag awareness. I’ve been talking about Agriculture on WTVY for over 20 years starting with Gene Ragan on his farm show.

Click on this link below to see the video.“>Click here to see the video.



Fullscreen capture 10212015 103210 AM

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Soybean Nematodes

Posted by romeethredge on July 10, 2015

Nematodes can be a problem for many of our crops including soybeans. Here’s some brought in to me this week with a real problem. You can see the leaves showing the stress and nutrient deficiencies due to the impaired root system.


Now, in looking at the roots you can see the Nitrogen fixing nodules, these are good, they are stuck to the side of the root. What we don’t want to see is the root swelling and knoting that we see, too. Most of what’s toward the top are nodules and nematode damage towards the bottom.



Here my finger is behind some of the good nodules.



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Cotton Nematodes

Posted by romeethredge on September 26, 2014

Cotton is affected by plant parasitic nematodes. We see it here worse in sandy soils as we have the Southern Root Knot that affects cotton and corn but not peanuts. It’s a different one that causes peanut problems.

I’m seeing some now in many fields, Decatur county Ag Agent Justin Ballew and I found this affected area this week in southern, sandy, Seminole county. To see the root galling in cotton you often need a shovel as the small roots come off if you just pull up the plants. Its the time of year to scout cotton fields for this pest so you can take action the next time cotton is planted there.  This nematode can also affect corn so that will need to be taken into consideration as well.

Here’s some affected cotton and you can see the root galling and leaf symptoms, the early loss of leaves and stunted cotton plants.

_DSC8541 _DSC8539 _DSC8534 _DSC8533

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Nematodes in Peanuts

Posted by romeethredge on September 26, 2014

“Nematodes increase exponentially as the season progresses” , my UGA College of Ag professor said years ago and he was right. We have some serious nematode problems in many fields. I’ve seen several peanut and cotton fields lately that are affected. Earlier in the year we had serious effects in corn as well.

These tiny eel-like worms tear up the root system and cause yield loss. You sometimes don’t notice them early in the season, so now’s a good time to scout your fields to identify trouble. Often you first notice poor growth in an area and later you can even have plant death. Of course the Rootknot nematode will cause the galling on the roots. In peanut we have nitrogen producing nodules  on the roots but they can be removed from the side of the root. Nematode galls are a swelling of the root. often knots are seen on young pegs and pods as well.

Here’s a field I looked at this week that is irrigated but has some serious nematode damage that will curtail yields. Remember problem fields so that the next time in the rotation you have the same crop in the field you can take action with chemistry or varieties against nematodes.

_DSC8497 _DSC8493

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Counter Insecticide for Cotton in Georgia

Posted by romeethredge on May 22, 2014

The EPA has granted an emergency use Section 18 for use of COUNTER 20G on cotton for management of nematodes and thrips in Georgia.

Dr. Bob Kemerait, UGA Extension Plant Pathologist, gives these comments:

Please note the label restrictions on the label for use of herbicides.  Of significant concern is the potential for adverse interactions with specific herbicides (see notes on label).  Dr. Culpepper is conducting further studies now to refine the potential for interactions.  As one person associated with the product told me, “We have been super cautious with regards to limiting use of herbicides in conjunction with Counter 20G.”

Unfortunately, we do not have much of the data we would like to have in making recommendations for this product.  I believe that most growers who use COUNTER 20G for nematodes will use a 6.5 lb/A rate.Fullscreen capture 5222014 82132 AM


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Corn Nematodes

Posted by romeethredge on April 26, 2014

Some corn still  looks tough but it’s looking better with our warmer temperatures and sunshine and sidedress fertilization.

I suspected nematodes in this field last week due to the poor growth and the uneven growth of plants in areas of the field and some “patchiness” where nematodes were higher in numbers perhaps.




We took a sample and we did find Stubby root nematodes causing problems out here. We could say that there’s not much we can do now about it, but there is. Since we have a compromised root system we can baby the field along until we get good growth and perhaps after that. We have seen in the past where we have early season nematode problems in corn we can do a lot to overcome it with good management.  We can be sure to be very timely with irrigation when it gets dry and we can spoonfeed nitrogen and sulfur to help out and maybe use a bit more as well.

photo (7)

Stubby root was the problem in this field but other nematodes can also cause corn problems like Sting and Southern Root knot ( the kind that affects cotton).

Here’s a link to an excellent UGA publication concerning nematodes.


photo (7)-001

 The grower may want to use a nematicide preplant or at plant the next time corn is grown here.

Here’s a photo showing the plant growth differences you can get in the same field with patches of nematode problems, the roots are greatly affected which leads to the plant size differences.


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Nematodes in Peanuts

Posted by romeethredge on September 15, 2012

We are seeing the evidence of nematodes in peanuts. There are knarled pods and affected root systems and dyeing vines in areas. We had a good bit of rain at times and when that happens they seem to spread and propagate real well in fields where they are present. then at harvest or when we get some dry weather we see the problem and start losing our plants.  These plant parasites are a real problem in many crops. Nematicides help of course but expensive and hard to get at times and we have lost one of our best chemistries. Thankfully we do have a peanut variety, Tifguards that are a strong defense against nematodes. This field being dug has a peanut root knot nematode problem and areas of the field will have a lower yield. They are Ga 06G’s. The bottom photo has Tifguards and looks good.

These Tiftguards are in a nematode infested field but show no signs of problems. Tiftguards are a good variety but don’t seem to weigh up quite as good as Ga 06G’s but they have their place.

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Nematodes a Problem

Posted by romeethredge on August 31, 2012

Soil nematodes are a continuing problem in cotton, peanuts and 2nd crop corn, I’ve noticed this week.  Some cotton fields have area damage and have leaf yellowing and drop.  Loss of one of our best nematicides has been a partial cause.

Second crop corn in sandy areas of some fields is growing slowly and upon root examination there are nematodes present.

Peanuts being brought in for maturity testing are showing nematode signs in some cases.

Nematode affected area in cotton.

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