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Digging… Time… To evaluate

Posted by romeethredge on August 28, 2015

At peanut digging it’s a good time to evaluate field problems so that you can plan for the next time peanuts go in the field, as well as look at problems that may affect other crops in the rotation. Look for nematodes and diseases that have affected you.

This year white mold has been severe and any white mold program has been challenged and we see some in most all fields. Look to see how many hits of mold you had and if the mold was really running down the row, and then evaluate your fungicide spray program. The 2015 UGA Peanut Update has good sections on Disease and Nematode control by Dr. Kemerait, UGA Extension Plant Pathologist.

As peanuts are inverted we can look for underground mold which we sometimes don’t see from the topside. Usually dirt will stick to these affected peanuts and they will be sort of soft and we’ll see some of the white mycelium usually as well.

Here’s a good example of it.


Another yield grabbing culprit is the Peanut Root Knot Nematode. We naturally have nitrogen producing nodules on the roots that are stuck to the sides of the roots but actual swellings are nematodes. Often the roots look bushy and hold more dirt, and if you look closely the pods have knots on them, too.


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