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Grazing Flown On

Posted by romeethredge on October 25, 2013

Hey, if the cows are going to soon be hungry, you can get a jumpstart on fall grazing by flying on a small grain while the summer crop is in the field, Jack.

It’s hard to get a stand as good as you would get by waiting and drilling or disking in the seed, but every situation is different. Here are some photos of where we did this in soybeans, The grower waited until most of the leaves were off the soybeans so the airplane could get good coverage of the area and so there wouldn’t be so many leaves covering the seedlings. This grower used 2 bushels of wheat per acre. They were flown on by an aerial applicator and the grower started up the irrigation and very lightly watered the field and did it again in three days. It looks like we have good germination, and after the soybeans are harvested he should be able to put his cattle in to graze in a short period of time. It won’t be perfect but they will have some grazing earlier than they would have and the cow won’t jump over the moon but the airplane came close.





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