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Some Small Grains Look Bad

Posted by romeethredge on December 1, 2015

Small grains don’t look so good now, although we’ve had warm temperatures for growth, other things have gone wrong.

The rainy, cloudy weather of the first 2 weeks of November hurt us. Fertilizer was leached  deep and the saturated conditions caused low soil oxygen and likely some root loss with small grains.  Also, the cold snap last week kind of shocked fields, especially oats. We are seeing a lot of tip burn due to the cold and drying winds perhaps in many fields.The warmer weather is allowing aphids to be more of a problem in grazing fields, so there are more aphids which leads to more Barley Yellow Dwarf disease (BYD) as they transmit it. I am also seeing some crown rust in oats.

Problems like compaction become apparent when we have the other plant stresses.

Some fields need a little additional nitrogen and sulfur to get them going and some need treating for aphids.

IMG_9647 IMG_9648 IMG_9651


Here’s some oats with rust developing.


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Soybean Expo – Feb 5 in Perry Ga

Posted by romeethredge on February 2, 2015

Soybean/Small Grain Expo is this Thursday in Perry, Ga, and it’s always a good meeting.There’s a $20 registration fee. Email Billy Skaggs for more information.

Fullscreen capture 1262015 94527 AM

Fullscreen capture 1262015 100355 AMFullscreen capture 1262015 100406 AM

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Compaction in Small Grains

Posted by romeethredge on January 3, 2014

Soil compaction can cause real problems in small grains. New Decatur County Ag Agent, Justin Ballew, looked at this field of oats with me yesterday. The grower said it wasn’t growing well. We used the compaction meter and in the green strips it was soft but there was an apparent shallow hardpan in the poor growth areas. The green strips corresponded with where the field was ripped at corn planting time.

Some sort of deep tillage ahead of planting small grains is important in most cases.

photo (7) photo (8)


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Small Grains Recommendations 2013

Posted by romeethredge on October 18, 2013

   Lots of good information in the UGA Small Grain Performance Tests booklet. There’s a link to this and other UGA Variety testing info on the left side of my blog and here.

Go onto the link to see the yield test results.

Here are some good guidelines below.

Fullscreen capture 1072013 95901 AM

Fullscreen capture 1072013 100010 AM

Fullscreen capture 1072013 95949 AM

Fullscreen capture 1072013 100037 AM

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Pest Alert in Fall grazing – Armyworms

Posted by romeethredge on October 3, 2013

Pest Alert in Fall grazing – Armyworms.

Yesterday I went to look at some fall grazing a grower had planted a couple of weeks ago. It was a mix but mostly rye planted under a pivot after a corn crop.  Winter small grains planted that early always need to be watched closely for caterpillar problems. It’s generally best to wait until October to plant them, here.

There were many Fall armyworms in this field. I found 5 in one sitting, feeding in the whorls. I would say that 75% of the plants were infested. On small plants you can get a lot of damage in a hurry if they are not controlled.



Also some late Sorghum is being infested with these caterpillars as well in some fields.

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Small Grains Yield Test Results and Reccomendations – UGA

Posted by romeethredge on August 15, 2013

The Georgia 2012-2013 Small Grain Performance Tests annual publication (AP100-5) is now available on the
Variety Testing web site:


Here is what it will look like. I also have a link to our UGA Variety Testing on the left side of this blog if you ever want to go there to look up test results.

Fullscreen capture 8152013 22636 PM

Fullscreen capture 8152013 22755 PM

Fullscreen capture 8152013 22906 PM

Fullscreen capture 8152013 23008 PM

Fullscreen capture 8152013 23103 PM

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