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Scouting for Sorghum Midge

Posted by romeethredge on July 21, 2015

Sorghum Midge is tough to scout for. They are smaller than house flies, orangish and can be elusive. Dr Angus Catchot, entomologist in Mississippi, uses some good concepts in this blog post, Scouting for Sorghum Midge with Confidence, to check for midge in grain sorghum which can really hurt yields. Soon after head comes out is the critical time and he has a method of putting a gallon ziplock bag over the grain head and thumping it and the midges will fly up to the top of the bag, you don’t even have to close the bag.

Dr. David Buntin, UGA Entomologist, says we need to scout and not do automatic sprays due to possibility of flaring white sugarcane aphids. Also use chemistry that doesnt kill beneficials if possible.

Here’s one of the site’s photos. Go to Dr. Catchot’s blog post for lots of information and more photos.



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